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When Firefox opens, Gmail needs to be logged in again

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In Firefox 37.0.2, I have 5 pinned tabs plus other regular tabs open. Gmail is logged in and open in a pinned tab. I close FF. Open FF.

The pinned Gmail tab on the furthest to the left is now on a sign-in screen.

In Gmail, I left click the "Sign in" link (to the left of the blue "Create an account" button) and a regular tab opens. For me, normally center click opens a webpage in a new tab, not left click. Left click normally opens a page in the same tab.

In the "One account. All of Google" page, I sign into Gmail and have to repin the tab and move it where I want it.

I do not have any Google "accounts" set up, nor is "Stay signed in" check marked. If that is check marked, I get the stupid Google account runaround, which I don't want.

Then I have to unpin the pinned Gmail tab that's not logged in.

I didn't always work like this. For about a few months, whenever I restarted Firefox, the Gmail pinned tab was already logged in. I don't want to have to always log back into Gmail and pin the tab each time.

I do not have 2-step verification in Gmail.

In Chrome, this isn't a problem. FF is using Tab Mix Plus options.

Will somebody tell me how to fix it?

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This might have something to do with TabMixPlus. I, and probably most people at Mozilla, pin a gmail tab. For me, the tab always opens signed in. I don't use TabMixPlus.

I advise disabling add-ons until you find the culprit.

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I disabled TabMixPlus and restarted Firefox. Gmail tab was still pinned and was still logged in. So that's what I want. However, I like the other features of TabMixPlus. What a dilemma. I guess I could let the TabMixPlus boss know of my plight. Thanks Mark.

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It's possible the TabMixPlus people already know about this issue. They have their own support forums at http://tmp.garyr.net/forum/

Good luck! :)

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TabMixPlus said they didn't think it's a TMP problem.

In any case, I solved it on my own. The Gmail sign-in screen in the pinned tab was beginning on https://www.gmail.com rather than https://accounts.google.com. Or visa versa. Whatever, I got it working now.

Reference: http://tmp.garyr.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=19147&p=68183#p68183