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cannot import bookmarks from flash drive stick

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Using Firefox 33.1. and Window 7 (Bookmarks were backed up when I had Windows 8)

I can open all the bookmarks directly from my flash drive stick so I am sure they work. I want to import all of them (about 300 total files in approx 25 diff folders). When I try to highlight all of them so I can do one entire import at once, it doesn't allow me. I CAN ONLY HIGHLIGHT ONE OF THE 300 AT ONE TIME. Must be a way to highlight all of them at one time??

I cannot copy and paste, nor can I highlight all of the 25 folders by using shift or control and the down arrow.

On Toolbar, I went to BOOKMARKS, ... SHOW ALL BOOKMARKS, ...IMPORT AND BACKUP from top Toolbar... then IMPORT BOOKMARKS FROM HTML in the drop down. From there I can access the main folder that contains my 25 sub folders bu can't highlight more than 1 of the 300 .

I also tried to do a RESTORE from the drop down (instead of IMPORT). From there, I went to CHOOSE FILE and the the F: drive (which was my flash drive). This gets me to the same folder as above EXCEPT THE DEFAULT FILE TYPE IS "JSON". Must be a way to fix this. Please help

edit: removed personal information for your protection. please note that we cannot offer support via telephone, so please continue in the forum. thanks for your understanding! (philipp)

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If you have the profile folder on the drive stick, you can replace the places.sqlite file in a new profile. Profiles - Where Firefox stores your bookmarks, passwords and other user data

However since it is only in the json format you can restore the bookmarks to that file you have in the the backup folder.

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