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Can't get old profile or bookmarks to work in new one.

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I recently replaced WinXP with Win7. I have a folder called "Old Firefox Data" that contains my old profile, including my "bookmarkbackups" files for the past few months. I've done the manual replace "Show all bookmarks --> Impost and Backup --> Restore --> Find file" to use the most recent JSON file but when I do this I still don't see my bookmarks (I've gone back a few weeks and used older JSON files too). I've also replaced all the files in my old profile with the new one and again that's all I see are the default bookmarks in Firefox. So what am I missing?

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There is a third party utility to extract history, or you could try using SQLite Manager to export from the moz_places table to a CSV file.

Saved passwords and form data are stored in other files. The following article describes the contents of the various settings files: Recovering important data from an old profile.

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