Tips for a successful event

Ovaj se članak više ne održava, pa njegov sadržaj može biti zastario.

Don't worry, you're not alone! Here are some pointers to keep in mind, and places to go for help.

Event Formats

There are three event formats that we've already prepared for you, along with guides and related resource packed full of tips and tricks for success.

These are:

  • Kitchen Party
  • Hack Jam
  • Hive Pop-Up

Here we'll briefly describe each format, and some considerations, however full details can be found over at

Kitchen Party

Event guide:

A Kitchen Party is a fun way to:

  • Spend an hour on a rainy day
  • Hang out as a family on the computer
  • Learn to hack with a friend
  • Make cool things on the web

Even better is that the kitchen party needs no preperation. Just get a small group of family and friends together at home, in your local coffee shop, or even the library, and help them make something on the web.

Hack Jam

Event guide:

A Hack Jam is a great way to:

  • Team up people with different skill-sets to explore an interesting challenge
  • Collaboratively build something new or improve something that already exists
  • Learn and teach new hacking skills

These events usually cater for about 10 - 50 participants, and last an afternoon. Good locations for hack jams include schools, librarys and town halls.

Due to the need to secure a venue for these events you typically need about 2 weeks to organize.

Hive Pop-Up

Event guide:

A Hive Pop-Up is fantastic way to:

  • Bring together local organizations in a science fair setting
  • Demonstrate cool web ideas
  • Provide fun hands-on activities
  • Introduce your community to hacking

You should start planning a Hive Pop-Up at least 4 weeks before your event. You'll need a comfortable venue with pleanty of space such as a community center, or school, and the sky is the limit!

Try working with between 2 - 10 organizations, and don't be afraid to ask them questions about running events.

In some places there are even groups dedicated to running these kinds of event... so do a quick search to find out if there is one in your local area. Some existing groups include:

Useful Resources

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  • More resources

Getting Help

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  • Tips and other places
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