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change default paper size

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I print from Firefox 34.0.5 under Windows Vista Home Premium to a Kyocera laser printer FS-C8520MFP. How can I change the default paper size in Firefox? The default paper size on the printer is A4 and this works fine on all other print originating software. But from Firefox it defaults to A3. I can and do change it each time I print, but that means going into properties and changing both paper size and layout. There must (surely!) be a default paper size setting in Firefox. Indeed, the fact that Firefox alone defaults to A3 indicates that there is such a Firefox default. Any offers? Mike

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I am sorry you are facing this problem.

Please check the following link:

This is the link.

Hope it helps you. For additional help you can ping me anytime.

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Thanks very much for the prompt pointer. However, the above does not appear to be quite all of the story.

There is indeed a setting in about:config


which. If set true, might be expected to cause Firefox to retain and re-use the last specified print settings. In my case this setting is


However, there is also a setting in about:config


which, if set true, might be expected to cause Firefox instead to use global settings. The obvious interpretation of “global settings” would be the printer settings. A less obvious interpretation might be some Firefox global settings which are inaccessible to the user. In my case this setting is.


In other words, both the above settings are set to true.

In my case, the height and width settings are:

print.printer_Kyocera.print_paper_height;297.00 print.printer_Kyocera.print_paper_width;210.00

which is A4. But Firefox defaults instead to printing A3.

One possible explanation is that Firefox has a bug whereby it cannot handle both these settings being set to true and does not do either. Certainly it does not print A4 as might be expected from print.use_global_printsettings;true. But nor does it retain the last settings (changed to A4 at print time) as might be expected from print.save_print_settings;true

I’m a little reluctant to play around with these settings on an experimental basis.

Any further offers?


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You can try this:

1. In the address bar, type about:config. 2. Enter print.print_paper_name in the filter box and press Enter. 3. Double-click the entry named print.print_paper_name. 4. Enter iso_a4 in the dialog box and press OK.

Firefox now stores separate settings for each printer it sees. If you search for print_paper_name in about:config you will see several similar settings for each printer e.g. "printer.printer_Samsung_ML-2010.print_paper_name".

For further info see the link below:

superuser link from where i got all the info.

Hope it helps.

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Fixed but not explained!

I checked whether printing to another printer had the same problem. It did not. It defaulted to letter size. When I changed this, for a print run, to A4, it afterwards defaulted to A4 as expected. In other words it used the last used size as default.

When I returned to printing on the Kyocera, it then also defaulted to A4.

It would be helpful if the community were able to change Firefox to make control of printer defaulting explicit.