AVG Internet Security Programını Düzenlemek

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AVG Internet Security, Microsoft Windows için hazırlanmış bir güvenlik paketidir. Hangi programların internete bağlanabileceğini denetleyen bir güvenlik duvarına sahiptir. Eğer AVG Internet Security programı Firefox'a tam olarak izin verecek şekilde ayarlanmazsa Firefox web sitelerine bağlanamayacak ve "Sunucu bulunamadı" hataları verecektir.

AVG Internet Security is a software package for Microsoft Windows. It includes a firewall component, which controls which programs can access the outside world. If AVG Internet Security is not set to fully allow Firefox, Firefox will be unable to connect to websites and may generate "Server Not Found - Troubleshoot connection problems" errors.

This article describes how to configure AVG Internet Security 8.0 to give Firefox access to the Internet.

  1. If Firefox is open, close it by clicking on the File menu and selecting Exit.
  2. Click the Windows Start button, then select All Programs > AVG 8.0 > AVG User Interface to open the AVG Internet Security Window.

  3. In the AVG internet Security window's menu bar, click on the Tools menu and select Firewall settings to open the Firewall settings window.
  4. In the section on the left side of the Firewall settings window, locate the Profiles item. Underneath Allow all and Block all there should be at least one profile (Standalone computer is an example of one created by default). Click the + next to this profile's name.
  5. In the expanded list for the selected profile, click the Applications item.
  6. In the List of applications on the right side of the window, find Firefox and click on it to select it.
  7. With Firefox selected, click Delete.

  8. When prompted, click Yes to confirm the deletion of the rule.
  9. Repeat the previous 5 steps for each profile listed underneath Allow All and Block all.
  10. Click Apply at the bottom of the Firewall settings window, then click OK to close the Firewall settings window.
  11. Click the X in the top-right corner of the AVG Internet Security window to close it.
  12. Open Firefox. You will be prompted by the AVG Firewall Asks for Confirmation window. Click to place a check mark next to Save my answer as a permanent rule, and do not ask me next time and then click Allow for all.

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