Righthand top three buttons unresponsive ie minimise, maximise and close.

Top three buttons recently became unresponsive. Same for all users and when addons removed. All other aspects working fine.

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Slow Firefox

System: MSI B640 Tomahawk. I5 10600KU 32GB RAM Video: MSI 3070 X3 System Drive: 250GB fast Samsung SSD, with 50% free. System OS: W10Pro_x64 21H1, Defender, no Firewall,… (மேலும் படிக்க)

System: MSI B640 Tomahawk. I5 10600KU 32GB RAM

Video: MSI 3070 X3

System Drive: 250GB fast Samsung SSD, with 50% free.

System OS: W10Pro_x64 21H1, Defender, no Firewall, no extra AV. Firefox_93.0_x64

Network: TYPE: Dedicated FIBER LAN Provider: Telenet Account Type: FIBER_200 Plus +

Addons: Adblock + µblock FBPurity Block Sender New Tab Override Cookie Manager and Cookie quick Manager Auto-High-Quality for youtube Ant Downloader Video Downloadhelper Cute Save Button WebP Image Converter Translate Web Page

Additional Information: Open Pinned Tabs: In between 25 and 60, depending on my current activities.

Tried: Disabling each add-on until all were off. Safe Start. Nothing helps.

Understandings: 1) No browser is made to run up to 60 open tabs (possibly even more)!!! 2) I run a "plethora" (compared to most users) if add-ons; these also bring the use speed down. 3) Resource used: 2GB (with "mere 30 pages" open.

BUT: DESPITE that: I ALSO understand that, considering my system and Network Type, it should not even be problematic with 200 pages open at once. 2GB over 32GB of RAM? Not the slightest issue (and it often runs at 4GB RAM in use). My CPU never runs half high, even when I have like 60 pages open: Should not be an issue then either. My Video Card has plenty resource over as well when at highest for me usage." Again, it should be no issue. My Fiber Netware? Telenet BVBA, Mechelen Test results: Ping: 5ms Jitter: 2ms Download: 904.2 Mbps Upload: 038.3 Mbps Not the best, not the worst, but for simple browsing, more than, I would assume, plenty.

So, what gives, what is the issue? No extreme strain on the system, no background high-resource issues, sure: one or two add-ons in Firefox but these as well do not strain my system, no AV issues, no Firewall issues (I turned that off, I fail to get the need for one as a house-dog-tree user), yet slow performance. Also, while 30'ish tabs running, 2GB used of RAM? My my, what the hell do they do as Site Admins to have these amounts (and NO, I do not do porn, thank you.  :P I am well aware of other people having insane issues surfing porn, as I helped many of these folks)? Sure, Deviant is a larger one that is open, being a graphical site, but like Quora, FB, Hot- and G-Mail and similar, these ain't, so to get a 2GB usage is weird, I would assume. I said, assume: yes, I am not specifically an internet know-all, I know of networking as a former NOVEL Netware Supervisor under UNIX (also Spupervisor), but Networking in a company is not the same as internet.

So, what is going on, why is my browser so slow? Having turned of all and 1 page open it's lightning fast, but now ... So, it is the open tabs, and the add-ons, though when turned off, I see no real difference. Brings it to tabs. How come, it is this "heavy", even for my system, please?

Thank you. Xog.

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