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Recently when I try to downloaed from the web I get a message: Plugin container for firefox not responding. Can I try to do something about it?

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I did not instal the plugins separately. I believe they came with Firefox. I have Lenovo with Windows 7. The problem started a week ago, when I tried to save pdf files using the "save a copy" button. My Acrobat (professional latest version) works fine. I bypassed the first problem by using "Print" and supplied 'Acrobat' as a printer. It worked for a week, but now also this does not work. It does not arise for printing hard copies from the web using my cannon printer.

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It is from Firefox, it is used to isolate plug-ins so that they would be less likely to crash Firefox and so that you could see what was using up your resources which could be the plug-ins or Firefox (maybe not quite the desired result).

You can terminate the plug in container through the "Processes: tab of the Windows Task Manger (Windows 7 shortcut to Task Mgr is WinKey+Shift+Esc) and it will be recreated when needed.