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Installed add-on missing author link information

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Not sure when it happened, but some of the information for an installed add-on is missing. There is no author link or a homepage link. When I search the mozilla add-ons website I can't find the add-on anymore.

This is the add-on name and version:

Downloader for Instagram™ 1.0.4 June 3, 2020

I don't know why the Mozilla add-ons website doesn't detect what add-ons the user has installed when you search. That would be very helpful and why it isn't a default feature is dumb.

You have users sign in to the add-on account, why not include that feature to make things easier.

I'm guessing the solution is remove the add-on and hope another one can do what I installed the other add-on for.

I noticed the icon for this add-on appears in the overflow area of the toolbar. When I click on the icon it opens a link to a page that no longer exists when I search Google and the wayback machine archive site.

Firefox should find out if this happens and notify users that an add-on is defunct.

Anyway, here's the website associated with the add-on.


Upravil(a) ScandalMac dňa

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The Add-ons site does have special access to your extensions list so when you open a page for an extension you already have installed the "Add to Firefox" button changes to "Remove" (if it's enabled) or "Enable" (if it's disabled). However, that does not show on the search results. If you want to suggest that to the Add-ons team, they have a forum over here:


Regarding extensions that have been de-listed from the Add-ons site, they are only disabled in your Firefox if they have dangerous behavior or violate an important policy. Otherwise, you can keep using them.

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