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Why does the Firefox device remain on my desktop?

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I switched to a new Mac with OS 10.9 installed and downloaded the Firefox browser software for this, which seems to work fine, but for some reason the Firefox disk/device won't disappear from the desktop. I did the eject as described in the download instructions, but the device popped up again on my desktop shortly after and the window showing Firefox icon to Applications folder image also pops up when I quit the browser in the dock and then click on it to open again. When I try to trash the disk/device from the desktop I get an error message saying "The disk 'Firefox' couldn't be ejected because Firefox is using it. Quit that application and try to eject the disk again." So it becomes a cycle of ejecting and then seeing the disk and the instruction panel with Firefox to Applic popping up repeatedly. Any suggestions?

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Hi there, can you try to move the app from the diskimage to the /applications folder? It could be that you started Firefox from the diskimage and that's why it's complaining that the disk is in use.

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