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Firefox doesn't warn me before closing multiple tabs!

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I don't know when this started, probably a few versions ago, but it is driving me mad! And before you ask, I already checked about:config and both warning options are true. After searching a bit, I have found that the cause of this may be that I also have "Show my windows and tabs from last time" selected. Are these two options really incompatible, or is this just a common bug? If they are, is this by design? I close Firefox on accident all the time because Windows does not always automatically set the most recent or top-most window as active, and it is very annoying to have to wait for xmarks to sync when I don't even want to close FF in the first place. If there is currently no way to have firefox warn before closing and restore your tabs, are there any easy work arounds or addons that solve this? Sorry about all the questions but this is so frustrating.

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Hello technologically_inept,

go to Settings > Tabs > and tick the box "Warn me when I close many tabs." (second box).

Do not hesitate to contact us further.

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Go to Options then click on Tabs. Please tick Warn Me When Closing Multiple Tabs and click on OK. I hope this will help you to fix your problem.

Regards Abhi Khatri

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I guess this is my fault for not stating it directly (although it should have been obvious from the context of my post) but I have that checked. I can't help but think you only read the title based on your responses, but thank you nonetheless. I will await further assistance.

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There was another question like this a month back, but could not find root cause, may I confirm how you close Firefox when you do not see the warning? It comes up when I hit the X button but not when I hit File> Exit, is this the same behavior for you on version 25?