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I want new links to open in main window and not open a new browser or tab. What happened to the "open new links in..." option?

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And when you right click on a link, the only options are "open link in new tab" or "open link in new window". I want to open the link in the same tab, I don't need 16 tabs opened at the same time.

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Is there any reason that you need to right-click to open a link in the same tab?

Just left-click on links if you want them to open in the current tab.

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The option is still there as long as you left click. Go into your firefox menu and click options and then go to the tabs section - it should be the first option. You can set it to open in current tab, new tab or new window. Also Tab Mix Plus is an addon that allows you to customize further settings regarding how tabs open

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Yes, it should be the first option but it is not, look: I am using 22.0.

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You can override how links are opened via the browser.link.open_newwindow pref.

  • 1:current tab; 2:new window; 3:new tab;
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To clarify - are you trying to force links that normally open in a new window (via JavaScript or the HTML TARGET attribute) to open in the current tab instead?

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I fixed this problem. It was pretty easy. First, in the address bar, type in " about:config " . When it asks if you are sure about making changes & it may void the warranty, click "yes--I promise I'll be careful" or something along those lines. (I heard there is no warranty, & it's just a joke)

Once you get to the new screen, find " browser.link.open_newwindow " You will see the # 3 on the same line. Change that value to 1.

Wah-la! :)



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