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Why can't I in Firefox 19, nothing happens when I try to bookmark a page?

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Last week I realised that my old firefox did not work as all the extensions where gone and they could not be added again. I saved my old profile and made new one and then reinstalled firefox and got the 19 version. When I tried to import my old bookmarks it did not work - the folders where there but they were empty. But worse is that I cannot save any bookmarks at all. I have reinstalled Firefox, I have the 'Troubleshooter' and everything. Sometimes I can save one bookmark after I have opened the browser, but after that it does not work. I don't relly care if I cannot import the old bookmarks (I have imported them into explorer instead, and that worked) but at least I want to be able to save new ones. For the moment, the only reason I use Firefox is that I use Zotero, but if I keep having these problem I will change browser. I have not spend up to a working day trying to solve this problem.

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use can use this add-ones

Add Bookmark Here

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Thank you - but I do not understand why I need an add-on to do something which one should be able to do anyway.

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use of course you can use that see this:

Can't add, change or save bookmarks - How to fix