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forward/back buttons and "open in new window" broken after update

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hi, i updated firefox today to 16.0.1 and the forward and back buttons are always greyed out, it doesn't matter how many times i navigate to a new page, they never become active. also, the open in new window right click option does not work either, it will open a new window without the url of the link i clicked on and just displays a blank page. it seems that open in new tab is still usually functional though.

i am on a macbook pro running mac osx 10.8.2 and i also tried upgrading to the firefox 17 beta to see if that would fix it and it did not resolve any of the problems.

please help!

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okay for those who are having the same problem, since I didn't receive any assistance, I reverted back to firefox 15 and it fixes all the problems. just be sure to turn off your auto update option so it doesn't reinstall 16 again after.

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hello merciscool, it sounds like an extension or theme might have been interfering here. maybe try launching the updated firefox in safe mode once and see if the issue is occurring there too.

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