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Something happend, and I ended up with a folder called Old firefox data.. none of my ad ons work now.

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I was online here.. and something happened.. next thing I know Fire fox is saving its setup in a folder on my desktop (windblows xppro), into a file called old firefox data.

Can anyone tell me what happened, and how do I get my old setup back? That setup had all my ad ons working correctly and I don't remember them all.. (only about 5).


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Sounds like to accidentally instructed Firefox to "Reset". Details in the following article:

If everything was working before and you have made no changes in your new/current profile (no new bookmarks, passwords, extensions, etc.), you can simply copy the contents of the desktop "Old Firefox Data" folder into the new/current folder.

  • To open the new current folder in a windows explorer display, in Firefox click Help > Troubleshooting Information, then under "Application Basics" click Show Folder to the right of Profile Folder.
  • Close Firefox before doing the copy of the "Old Firefox Data" contents into your new/current profile.

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Изменено TheOldFox

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Hi Macwildstar

probably you reset firefox by mistake,

"After the reset is finished, your old Firefox profile information will be placed on your desktop in a folder named "Old Firefox Data.""

it is not so important but the following items(extensions, themes, open tabs and some other things) are either NOT SAVED or set to their defaults

see the next link for more information :

Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems

thank you