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How do I eliminate UWAVOU from my mac? I'm running the current versions of FireFox and Intego VirusBarrier.

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This started several days ago. I get redirects to uwavou.com that Firefox blocks. I called Intego and they were completely clueless. The fixes I've seen on the internet say that you have to delve into your system files and root out the virus. Resetting Firefox is just a band-aid fix.

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Are you near an Apple store? If you need to clean out malware that is external to Firefox, you might give them a try, or the apple.com support forums.

With respect to what is happening in Firefox, could you describe the circumstances: what action do you take that triggers the redirect, i.e., following a link in search results?

Have you reviewed all your add-ons and disabled any that do not sound 100% trustworthy? You can do that here:

Tools > Add-ons > Plugins and
Tools > Add-ons > Extensions

If the unwanted software changes search settings, those can be reset manually, but yeah, it's a hassle to re-do that over and over, so it's important to clear the root cause.