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Each time I do a search on opening Firefox nothing happens

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The first search I do in the search bar never works. This also happend on the previous Android phone I had. Type in a search term in the search box, return or go. Nothing happens.

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Sorry for the delayed reply to your question, we have worked on search in the most recent release, publish on Tuesday 26th. Could you try it with that new version and let me know if you still have this problem?

Thanks! Michelle

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Hi ozmensan, I have similar issue with latest Firefox. My config is Android 4.0.3 Samsung Galaxy S2 and Firefox14. After update it doesn't open any site from awesome bar

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Can you please check to see wether you have the setting 'Don't keep the activities' enabled in Developer options in your Android settings? If so, please disable it and try Firefox again.

This setting should not be enabled.

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thanks Aaron, 'Don't keep the activities' fix my issue