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how to trust a certificate

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Checking the Certificate Manager I find things such as TurkTrust Bilgi, Trust Ges. F. Secherheitssysteme, and so on. These are listed as Builtin Object Token. What is this token? Who are these people? Is there a list somewhere about whether to delete these? Should I just delete anyone I do not recognize?

FireFox 9.01 Mac OS 10.6

Thanks - jos

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I think the Built-in Object Token is the root certificate store that has a list of root certificates of CAs vetted by Mozilla. Depending on your browsing habits, your region, at least some or many of these would be needed to identify secure sites for you. For eg. when you connect to a banking site or email site you need a way to know that it is the correct site. This is done for you by the CAs. Through some research and trial and error you can delete the unneeded ones. If anything goes wrong, delete the cert8.db file in your Firefox Profile Folder and Firefox will load the default settings again and recreate the file.

The thing is, one can either do it oneself to verify secure sites, secure content etc. or entrust an entity (CA - Certificate Authority) to do it for us. In the default case the CA's root certificates do it for us. We can add/delete root CAs, but please bear in mind that root CAs have superpowers.

An alternative is Convergence.

CA Glossary.

Public Key Cryptography

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You can click the Edit button in the certificate manager and remove all trust bits if you do not want to use a build-in root certificate.

  • Firefox > Preferences > Advanced : Encryption: Certificates - View Certificates