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I upgraded to Firefox 4 and lost my Identity Safe w/ Norton. How can I get it back?

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Locking, as this problem has been fixed by Norton - see this Norton support page.

Identity Safe is a part of Norton and it keeps your login info safe. There was a little icon in the toolbar of the last version of FF and it's gone now.

I'm not sure if this Norton piece considered a plugin or extension but I use it throughout the day.

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Here is the url for Firefox 3.6.16

Cheers Karlos

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Thank you. This worked.

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Good news! Norton has a hotfix for this now. Go to this page on Norton's website and download and execute the hotfix tool. You need to make sure that you have FF 4.0 installed and that Norton is up-to-date. A restart will be required when the hotfix completes, but when it comes back up, your identity safe will be there.

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