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automatic reload

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more options

Browser needs exceptions for preventing automatic reload. It is useful to prevent redirecting to a malicious web site. But the page I regularly visit keeps auto loading and this annoying pop up warning bugs my surfing. People would like to be able to use exceptions for preventing reload in the advanced menu.

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more options

The setting in "Tools > Options > Advanced > General" is meant as an accessibility feature, as you can see by the label of that section, so that people with disabilities do not get confused and is not meant as a safety protection to stop redirecting.
So it is all or nothing and that won't change in the future.

more options

I didn't understand this. What does it have to do with disability? There are safe websites that automatically reload the page for some reason. Firefox prevents that. I want to stop Firefox to prevent it. I can do that of course in Tools>Options>Advanced>Warn me when websites etc. But there should be exceptions. I should be able to add safe websites to a list so that Firefox should not prevent automatic reloading in those websites. For harmful sites it should prevent redirecting and automatic reloading.