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Firefox keeps crashing unexpectedly, over 45 times now. I can't figure out why nor how to stop it.

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I have had firefox for years and within the past week it has crashed unexpectedly a lot, over 45 times now. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, I have used different themes, I've scanned it with my anti-virus several times, I have changed my add-ons and nothing seems to be working.

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It keeps crashing all the time. There is no way top open any URLs of error reports. Only thing I can manage to do is printscreen, and then manually write down crash ids:

bp-244eefcc-07b9-4f2a-a3d6-eb8ad 2011.11.07.10:38 bp-85dc0867-5edb-4f07-8c67-b0764 2011.11.07.10:38 bp-8ec0f22f-2efc-4990-bb11-7d43a 2011.11.07.10:38 bp-5f8043fe-4efe-480e-9463-3eb48 2011.11.07.10:38 bp-98e7cebf-11f2-4bfa-afa3-5caf4 2011.11.07.10:37 bp-49e5ef37-ea5a-4ac2-8345-57ad2 2011.11.07.10:37 bp-0edabf53-a4ca-4784-b535-9863d 2011.11.07.10:32 bp-d2c71279-51e8-4603-8720-fbc23 2011.11.07.10:32 bp-b07cc6a8-3fc0-4069-bf5d-61ce4 2011.11.07.10:32 bp-1fb8f2de-6c6d-4578-ab17-5e785 2011.11.07.10:32 bp-5f417a6b-060b-492c-8357-18f3b 2011.11.07.10:32

It also doesnt matter if I uninstall all plugins, run it in safe mode, make fresh clean install, it all end up the same - crash after few seconds of working. I cant believe there is still no solution after this long time!

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update of crash ids seems there was some problem with those:

bp-d9f23a3f-1325-49ed-933e-e716b2111107 2011.11.07.10:48
bp-dd2f7ed8-2e7a-4477-92ba-7a1d12111107 2011.11.07.10:39
bp-5801e9ca-6444-468f-b3ba-c17d72111107 2011.11.07.10:39
bp-244eefcc-07b9-4f2a-a3d6-eb8ad2111107 2011.11.07.10:38
bp-85dc0867-5edb-4f07-8c67-b07642111107 2011.11.07.10:38
bp-8ec0f22f-2efc-4990-bb11-7d43a2111107 2011.11.07.10:38
bp-5f8043fe-4efe-480e-9463-3eb482111107 2011.11.07.10:38
bp-98e7cebf-11f2-4bfa-afa3-5caf42111107 2011.11.07.10:37
bp-49e5ef37-ea5a-4ac2-8345-57ad22111107 2011.11.07.10:37
bp-0edabf53-a4ca-4784-b535-9863d2111107 2011.11.07.10:32
bp-d2c71279-51e8-4603-8720-fbc232111107 2011.11.07.10:32
bp-b07cc6a8-3fc0-4069-bf5d-61ce42111107 2011.11.07.10:32
bp-1fb8f2de-6c6d-4578-ab17-5e7852111107 2011.11.07.10:32
bp-5f417a6b-060b-492c-8357-18f3b2111107 2011.11.07.10:32

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Can be related to scanning downloaded files (nsDownloadScanner::IsAESAvailable).

See "Disable virus scanning in Firefox preferences - Windows"

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i downloaded the older version and when i restarted it it found a programme called div x player. i deleted this and bang it works thanks!!!

p.s i was unable to go into tools to do any of the other tips and when i did once the changes that i made just changed back but this worked for me.

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Locking this thread because the original is really really old and the crash from that one is actually no longer happening. Please either start a new thread or find a newer one.

For Firefox 7 and 8, we know of at least to top crashers:

1) The newest version of Java for OSX that Apple pushed out causes Firefox to crash. We're still working on a way to work around this.

2) Trusteer Rapport causes Firefox to crash on startup (or occasionally when visiting certain secure sites). If you don't know if you have Trusteer, it's usually a program provided by banks and other financial institutions.

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