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After updating to version 3.5.9 all websites send back a URL error. I end up having to do a system restore to before i installed the update to get ithe browser to work again. Any suggestions?

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I've downloaded the update a total of three times now. Each time an error message saying that the webpage can not be found is the only thing that comes up no matter what page i try to access. I've tried to restart my computer, restart firefox, run windows 7 troubleshooter on the wireless connection all to no avail.

URL of affected sites


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Have you checked your Firewall configuration?

Configure firewalls so that Firefox can access the Internet

Check if Firefox is on the allow/trusted programs list

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That is not the problem. When I enstall a new browser or updates for the one i have i temporarily uninstall the security program to ensure that there are no conflicts. Once the updates or new browser is installed i reinstall the security program and double check to make sure it has permission.