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Cannot edit text in Wikipaedia or even this site

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I'm using a Nokia N810. Firefox for mobile does not allow to select text in an HTML for TEXTARRAY, or even to place the cursor. This is a real showstopper for me. I use another browser right now to edit this post! Additionally, the automatic zooming when I try to edit a form field is distracting and of no use on a device with sufficient screen resolution.

Please tell me how to use text editing, or how to switch these annoying features off in about:config

The browser is very fast, I would really like to use it.

Extensions installed:


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I filed bug 538700 for adding preferences to control the form fill assistant.

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The problems with editing text are several:

clicking with the pen does not place the cursor, but just the whole field becomes blue shortly, though it is no link;

Text cannot be selected with the pen (but with the keyboard).

No scroll bar appears when the test is longer than the box.

The program sometimes blocks for several seconds while in the edit mode (keyboard, keys, and touch screen).