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Sync never working properly across devices

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I would prefer to be using Firefox rather than Google Chrome, but, my devices when all being logged in with the same account will not all sync as they should be. They will also be synced, but then they would loose their connection with the other ones. The sync should be that when I would simply log into the browser that it would automatically sync using the login information the same easy way it is done in Chrome. I have kept using Chrome, because of the fact that the sync is able to work across all devices simply by logging in for the sync to work & it will work properly to where all of the browsers that would be logged in would be synced, no issues whatsoever. How can I actually login to the sync on everything with there not being any issues of any kind across all devices?

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You can use sync to share passwords, bookmarks, and history. Anything else may not be compatible between different browser versions or computer systems.


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When I would sync them, they would show that they are synced, but not everything will keep synced if I am using Firefox in windows along with Linux and my android phone. They would all show that they are in my synced devices, but the synced things aren't properly syncing across the different platforms.


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We need to look at the sync logs.

Note: Do the following for each problem system/profile. And label each as to what system/profile.

Type about:sync-log<enter> in the address bar.

Open the last file created and Copy its contents Now Paste it into this forum.

If the file is too large;

Have your web browser go to; https://pastebin.com/

Paste <Control> P the content of the file in the window. Note: On the bottom, fill out the boxes as best you can.

Now press Create A New Paste. The page will reload. Copy the new web address, and post it here.


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