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I cannot add a secondary email address.

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I am trying to change my e-mail address by following the steps provided in here. According to the support pages, in order to do that I need to add a secondary e-mail address and then make it primary.

Until there everything's clear. My issue, though, comes precisely when I try to add that information. The system doesn't recognize the new address. Instead, a message appears saying "Account already exists", when that's not possible, since I never delivered it or linked it with Firefox before, nor even I have received or accepted any validation through the said e-mail. I'm guessing that Mozilla ain't grasping that the address really belongs to another e-mail client.

Illustration: Let's say my current address is <example100@outlook.com> When I try to add the following secondary address <example100@protonmail.com>, the aforementioned message will prompt.

Why? What's going on? Is there any solution available? Thank you beforehand, I can't wait to hear from somebody with a remedy.

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