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Cannot access the log in page on banking website

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I love firefox and I swear by it, but recently it has given me an issue continuously when trying to go to www.tdbank.com When I click on log in to online banking, a blank screen appears with the message:

'''''Hmm. Looks like your browser's a bit out of date. Hum... parece que su navegador está un poco desactualizado. For a better online banking experience and full site functionality, please download the latest version of your favorite internet browser. Para lograr una mejor experiencia con Online Banking, le recomendamos descargar la versión más reciente de su navegador de Internet favorito. ''''

II will send an attachment with what I see. Please help me. No one seems to have any idea what to do.

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So first you want to check to make sure that your browser is actually up to date, to do this go to the menu bar (the 3 horizontal bars below the the close button in the top right), look for a drop down titled "help" (it should be at the bottom). Afterwards you should see an option called "about Firefox" at the bottom, click this and Firefox should automatically check for updates and complete them if any are available, then just click restart to finish the update. Then run your bank sign in again and see if it works.

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Could be a cookie problem, whereas you should delete the old cookies for the website so it can install new ones.

Otherwise, the link and the login page appears ok on my end. See attached pic.

You can also temporarily disable all FireFox add-ins and extensions and also disable all your WIndows Start Up apps. Then reboot and retry the site.

If the website behaves, then you had eliminated the problem. Finding which one it is, will require you to re-enable everything one at a time while monitoring FireFox.

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Unfortunately I tried all the above options. It did not work. still looking for a fix

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I dont believe there will be a fix because I am 100% able to access the page.

So it's something with your machine.

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·´¯`·...¸>-)))º> ~dbben so you were able ti click log and it brought you to the log in page?

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Since i do not have an account, i have no data to enter into the log in fields.

But conducting a recheck of that site, all the pages were 100% accessiable to me including the ones for "forget your password" "forget you id" "forget both"

Additionally, i have no issues with "logging into" any of my bank and credit card accounts.

So one of the things the sites do is to give our computers "permission" to access their sites. And they do this by download security certificates and cookies.

Therefore, in my opinion, your computer is not beging allowed to install the security certificate. And the one that the bank server see's on your machine, is an old one.

So as i had suggested, it would be a good idea to temporarily disable everything that is running with Firefox and Windows including your antivirus's and antimalwares and all browser extensions, vpn's, etc... But if you say it has been done, then it's a good idea to just use a different browser for that bank.

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Could you go to the menu bar, click help, and click on trouble shooting information, then just copy and paste what you see in the second line titled "version"

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I have attached a pic of this current machine i am using.

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haha, sorry, I should have clarified I want to make sure that cheezyelyha is also up to date in her browser

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Do you get the security certificate when you visit the site, as shown in this additional pic? There is also an option to clear cookies for troubleshooting under the purple shield

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Look at the attachments for both requests

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it's clearly a security-related issue.

your info under the lock icon should exactly match the one in my pic to you.

click on the shield for more. but yours should 100% match mine as well.

btw, i have no windows startups and no aggressive FF add-ins

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i tried it after clearing my ache cookies and disabling all addons. so what do i do now?

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I was just about to turn off my machine for the day, when i read your question above.

it is difficult to know exactly what is running on your machine, from here.

but you have cleared cookies now.

next disable windows startups and reboot and then retry the website with its regular url, ie www_td_com

replace the " _ " with " . " in url above.

i do not know what version of windows you have so:

in win10, right click on the windows desktop toolbar and select task manager. then go to startup tab and double click on everything "except keyboard and mouse" that is enable and disable.

in win7, click on start > run > msconfig > startup > disable the same as cited above.

[ i'll check in on tomorrow ]

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You can remove all data stored in Firefox for a specific domain via "Forget About This Site" in the right-click context menu of an history entry ("History -> Show All History" or "View -> Sidebar -> History").

using "Forget About This Site" will remove all data stored in Firefox for this domain like history and cookies and passwords and exceptions and cache, so be cautious. If you have a password or other data for that domain that you do not want to lose then make sure to backup this data or make a note.

You can't recover from this 'forget' unless you have a backup of involved files.

If you revisit a 'forgotten' website then data for that website will be saved once again.

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thank you for trying cor-el but alas no go I am thinking there is no way to fix it, but in case anyone else wants to take a crack at it, when i click on the login for online banking i get https://onlinebanking.tdbank.com/unsupported/unsupported.html in the navigation bar

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hello chee,

I upgraded FF87 to FF88, and i am still able to look at all the webpages well. But what i cannot do is go beyond the Log In page because i do not have an account.

So what I "assume" is that once the Log In is successful, there will be an highly encrypted line established between the bank and your computer. So i believe that because the server cannot established an exclusive line with your FF or there is something that is impeding the connection between FF and the TD server, then it assumes your FF is outdated and lacks the advanced security features.

But in all fairness, my banks and credit card company's would have and use the same methodology. Yet i am able to access my confidential data after logging in.

So as to why you would have issues accessing your bank via FF and not with the other browsers is that FF already has built in protection mechanisms. And if you added more protections, then this is back firing.

In any case, it is best that you use the functional browsers for this bank. Interestingly, the error page you provide takes the users to the FireFox download page. But the bank fails to cite which version of FF is best used for the website.