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UI: Login usernames/passwords drop-down list extends below screen.

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The drop-down list with known usernames and passwords extends until below the screen if there is a sufficient number of usernames stored. The funny thing is that the list is scrollable by mouse and arrow (up/down) keys, so it wouldn't be necessary to extend the list that far down. Just until the lower boundary of the current firefox windowwould have been sufficient.

The result is that I can't see (nor select) the usernames that are listed below the screen.

Firefox 75 64 bit on Fedora 32.

I hope this description was clear enough as I'm hesitant to include a screenshot showing all usernames involved on those site.

For anyone who wonders why so many logins: it's a list of email adresses currently in use in a webmail service.


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You can try the current release (84.0.2; 85 is released next week) to see whether this still happens.

You can find the full version of the current Firefox release (84.0.2) in all languages and all operating systems here: