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Firefox keeps logging me out of all websites I log into

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I have been having an issue with firefox logging me out of all the websites I stay been logged into, like youtube, facebook and amazon. I have my settings set to where things should be remembered and cookies should not be cleared but i am still being logged out of the sites I stay logged into. This issue started in October after one of the firefox updates. I am having the same problem on both of my computers, one with windows 10 and one with windows 7. Firefox appears to be clearing cookies because even though I don't stay logged into ebay due to having two accounts, my search settings in ebay keep getting cleared too, just as they were if I had cleared the cookies myself. And my settings are set to where cookies should not be cleared.

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Profile data can be removed or not recorded in several ways;

  • 1) Running Firefox in Private Mode (nothing is recorded)
  • 2) Privacy settings; (In the address bar, type about:preferences#privacy<enter>)
  • 3) Many disk cleaners and anti-virus type programs can remove data from browsers
    Open their settings and have them leave the browsers alone.
  • 4) Mal-ware.