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Firefox for Android 81.1.1 not working on Android 6.0.1 phone

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I've been using Firefox for what seems like decades and am an ardent supporter of Mozilla (also used Thunderbird for years) but have been really struggling with the recent update ("revamp") for weeks now. Since 81.1.1 came (I think, I didn't ask for this upgrade, only asked for 80.1.3 I think it was), it's been almost unuseable and seems to get worse every day.

I have a Blackberry PRIV which is an Android (6.0.1). I have never had any trouble with it using the old Firefox. I have no trouble with Firefox on my laptop with the same Wi-Fi and everything else the same except the laptop is running Ff 78.0.2 4-bit.

Firefox on my phone is now not just slow, it stops completely at about 1/4 of the rainbow bar on every search. ... It used to work for the first search or two in the morning, but since it updated itself to 81.1.1 , I don't even get a single search before it stops working.

Like another user who wrote in with the same problem on September 18th and has had no replies, I can use Chrome and it *is* "lightning fast" as the new Firefox was supposed to be. I've done everything I can think of ... I thought I'd solved the problem with the Ff beta but it soon ground to a halt, too.

I hope someone can put the clues together on this one ... I am not going to delete Firefox until I know it is completely hopeless.

many thanks for any hints, filterfeeder

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