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Want to know the First time I visited URL? Question Regarding History?

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In bookmarks For A Url.. Firefox shows both Most Recent Visit Time/Date, and First Visit Time/Date. In Bookmarks Added Column It Shows First Visit Time/Date..

I want same in History, but it doesnt show.. In History it only shows Recent Visit Time/Date.. Doesnt Show anything in Added column.. its blank..

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There are some limitations on what information Firefox stores when it comes to history. Firefox doesn't store every single history item forever. There are limits how old history items can be and how many history items you can have before Firefox starts to delete some. The simple reason for this is that the average user would have a massive history list if Firefox kept a record of every time that you visited a website, it would take a huge amount of storage space on your computer to save it.

When a history item was first created is not something that the Firefox system keeps track of because it may not necessarily align with the first time that you ever visited that website. That's why that column is blank.

An add-on like Better History or Improved History may be able to give you a more complete record of your browsing history, but there's no guarantee that they can provide you with the information that you are looking for either.

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You can look at this NirSoft utility:

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I want to see the First time I visited URL..in History.. Only Shows Recent Visit Time..

Tired Nirsoft.. This too had only Recent Visit Time

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