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TOPIC: Functions of version 79.0.2 on Android

In the new version 79.0.2 on Android I cannot find the function "Save to pdf": where is it?

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That feature is currently unavailable in the new Firefox for Android, but is something that may be included in a future update.

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Thank you! But it was already in all the previus versions! I do not understand why it has been removed now, especially if it is planned to include it again in future. 7.8.2020 / 10:07 CEST

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Technically the whole app has been rewritten from scratch in a new language. So this is a completely new app and they need more time to achieve feature parity with old app.

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Ok, thank you for this information. Delivering a reduced version first, and only later achieving "feature parity" seems to me a strange software management approach. 7.8.2020 / 11:17 CEST

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We have done this to provide a fresh, faster solution to users and one that we can extend further in the future.