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Extension window on Max window size

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OK sorry about not getting right back, I ask for help then I don't follow through not the best way of doing this. So I have done some more exploring on this problem. I am not sure what's going on. So I am running dual display on a laptop running windows 10 . Seems to me everything is updated. So up on the main display (external display) it's OK everything seems to be great on it.

So if I go to the laptop display that's where my problem is. So what I have done is on max the window is where I get this problem. Min. the size window goes away if the screen's location is about 1" down from the top of the frame on the screen. If I move it up some just a little 3/4" it seems to be a small drop down window again. If I move it up even more not to the max but just up to say about 1/2" the drop down window gets bigger however it is still cut down with no way to scroll down to see the rest of the window. So what my thoughts are is the over scan of the video is too big? If so how do I take care of it? I hope this helps out. Let me know thank you for your help on this matter. So if I go to single display its all good on the laptop window.

UPDATE: So I have also played with other web browser, Chrome and Edge and I can't recreate it in those browsers. I adjusted the over scan so its not that. I can't get full Images of both displays at once to big of file.

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It looks like you're trying to set the window size with an add-on. Contact the developer of the add on. You can always use windows shortcut keys to maximize or minimize.

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Your original thread is over here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1293014

Please view the answers over there and try what was suggest in that thread; and answer the questions that were asked.

locking this thread as a duplicate thread"