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Sending tabs from one iOS device to another

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I’m signed-in to Firefox on both my iOS devices. I attempted to send tabs from my iPad Pro to my iPhone Xs. My iPhone popped up in the “send to other device” drop down menu as it’s supposed to. But no matter how many times I click send to that device, it simply doesn’t actually show up in Firefox on my iPhone...

Why does this seemingly easy feature to use not actually work??

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Would the built in built in handoff functionality work for this? The tab youre browsing should appear in the app switcher on your second device... I think? I'm looking into it


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If you're referring to the handoff feature with apple products, I'm pretty sure that will only work with Safari. And handoff doesn't seem to apply to the iPad Pro.

But even that outstanding, I'm trying to use the feature the Firefox browser claims to have, which is to send tabs to other devices logged-in to your same Firefox account.

I've tried re-starting the devices, I've also downloaded the most recent update that was put out today on both devices.


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