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'Add to Home Screen' option does not exist in Android Firefox 67.0.2

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I am browsing an interesting webpage on Firefox Android, and I wish to add a bookmark to it to my Android launcher homescreen


Samsung S8 running Android v9

Firefox 67.0.2


1) On Firefox for Android, surf to https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/tahoe_city_lake_tahoe

2) "tap and hold the addressbar for about 2 seconds", per Firefox for Android knowledgebase item "Add a Bookmark to Homescreen" at https://support.mozilla .org/en-US/kb/add-delete-and-view-bookmarked-webpages-firefox-an#w_add-a-bookmark-to-your-home-screen


Add to Homescreen option appears, per kb article referenced above.


Context menu with following options appears: "Paste & Go", "Paste", "Copy Address", and "Add Page Shortcut". There is no item "Add a Bookmark to Homescreen". See attached image "i2.png".


Selecting the "Add Page Shortcut" option does not add a shortcut to my homescreen. It also does not add a bookmark in my Bookmarks list.


I have not found any way to add a homescreen bookmark using Firefox. (!!)

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I can add bookmarks to the home screen myself here, but my device is different and uses Android 8. I will file a bug so that this issue can be looked into further as it may have something to do with the desktop launcher that Samsung uses.

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Thank you. My Samsung S8 had just been hard-reset, so this is stock behavior.

The issue noted above presents identically using both the stock Samsung launcher after a fresh hard-reset, and also with my preferred 3rd party launcher (Nova).

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For comparison, I tested on a GS7 with Android 8 and Samsung Experience 9.

When I tap "Add Page Shortcut", I get an overlay with the option to add it to the home screen. I'm attaching a screenshot for reference. (It's huge, so you might want to right-click > Open Link in New Tab instead of just clicking.) The screenshot file name has the wording "Samsung Experience Home" on the name instead of "Firefox", so it appears necessary for Firefox and the launcher to have a good relationship in order for the hand-off to work.

Are your other apps able to create home screen shortcuts, only Firefox has this problem?

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Question from our developers:- do you have any add-ons installed? If so, which ones are you using?