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Logging onto DigitalPersona Personal program (Vista) and got error message, "program not detected"

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Have been using the program on daily basis for years, then got error message on Jan 1, 2019

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Hi MGRANT50, could you give a little more detail on how Firefox is involved?

For example, some websites coordinate with a locally installed program through a plugin. I don't see any proprietary plugins in your plugin list, so if a plugin is needed, that could be the reason the website can't connect with the local program.

Speaking of plugins, your Acrobat plugin is out of date. To update, either:

(A) Inside Adobe Reader / Adobe Acrobat, use Help > Check for Updates

(B) Install the last updater for the XI series from

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Hello jscher2000.......thanks for responding

DigitalPersona is an installed add-on which Firefox disabled because it didn't have a digitally signed certificate (although the add-on has been running cleanly for years. Don't know if FF changed their requirements?)

Unfortunately Mozilla doesn't have a signed version of DP in its Ad-on Site and I can't determine how/where to get a signed version from DigitalPersona/Crossmatch

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Add-ons needed to be signed in Firefox 48 and later. But the problem just came up recently?

Ref. Add-on signing in Firefox

The Crossmatch website has the following article, but I don't know if the steps are applicable to your version:

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Hi jscher2000

Yes, this situation just arose on Jan 1, after years of no problems. The issue does not occur every time I boot-up, just sporadically.....but I can't identify a pattern that precedes the "reader not detected" error message from FireFox.

The steps/article that you reference from Crossmatch doesn't seem to cover my version of DigitalPersona and I'm still not able to make contact with anyone at Crossmatch.