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We have a wordpress page with the tableau graphs tool and it loads properly on both chrome and edge, but we get an error message in firefox anyone know why?

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We built a WordPress page with various graphs to display data using the Tableau app, it works great on Chrome and Edge but when we went to test it on Firefox we got an error message and the graphs won't display. Any idea why or how we can fix it?

Webpage (graphs are in the toggles): https://www.somervision2040.com/somervision-numbers/ Error message: http://www.somervision2040.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/11/error.png

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When investigating problems with an embed, the first thing I try is

right-click near the error box > This Frame > Open Frame in New Tab

It works there. So it runs in Firefox, but there is some issue running it embedded. Hmm...

In the regular page, if I expand a section

right-click near the error box > This Frame > Reload Frame

It renders just fine.

So... what is happening here? Is Firefox blocking the framed page from loading fully because it's hidden? Or not providing some data the script needs because the frame is hidden?

Could you check with Tableau on whether they are aware of this. I think they would be in the best position to explain what is going wrong on the server end (time out? bad or missing data from the browser?), and maybe we can trace that back to a particular Firefox behavior specific to hidden iframes.