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login 2nd device

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You guys want me to sign in with a 2nd device, so why can't I login with my 2nd device, even though I have the CORRECT USER NAME AND PASSWORD? I understand security, but I'm trying to get back into my google account, and was trying to use Firefox for the browser. This has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen.... sign in with user name and password, stop, now go check your email, then come back to Firefox, and it tells me my user name or password is incorrect, even though I just used it on this device to login. What gives here. This is ridiculous, and I really don't have the time or patience to play stupid games with my account, login on 2 different devices, go check my email, then go back to find your damned machine thinks I've got a wrong user name or password, especially when I know it's right, I just used it on this damned device to login, and it worked 3 times in a row!

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You guys want me to sign in with a 2nd device

Please explain what that means and who you mean with 'You guys'. Neither Firefox nor Mozilla have got anything to do with your Google account. So presumably you should check with Google about any login problems.