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After Microsoft 1803 update, all Firefox data lost, looks like new install. Can adapt without History bookmarks Etc. but need log in's and passwords. Help .....

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After Firefox latest update and MS 1803 update to windows 10 both on Sat. 09 06 18, my firefox data has disappeared completely. Looks like a completely new install. Is there a way to recover some of it . Log-ins/passwords are the most important and bookmarks would be good, anything else I can adapt.. Would a system restore do any good or is there a simple way to revert to a prevoius version of FF. I stress (simple) as I am a basic user. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks .....................

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Hi Fred, Thanks for responding. There is no folder on my desktop so I will check out the links provided. would a system restore solve anything, as I had done one prior to the update. Thanks, Micek

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Odd, I did a 1803 update and my FF had no issues when I used it again. But this was when I reimaged back to the last working image I made with Acronis and then I did a update of all software including 1803 and everything worked without a hitch.

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Does this mean the problem is gone? If so,

That was very good work. Well done. Please flag your last post as Solved Problem so others will know.