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Full screen doesn't work

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Hi, when trying to use Full Screen or F11, only the bottom of the browser goes full screen. Even though I've checked the box ... Hide Toolbars ... the browser's Tabs still show as does the URL field.

Same issue persists in Safe Mode.

FF version 56.0 Windows 7

Solution is much appreciated ... thanks so much!

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Users have observed that if the cursor is in the address bar or search bar when you press F11 to go into full screen, Firefox won't close the toolbars. when that happens, you need to get the cursor out of either of those bars, then exit and re-enter (F11 twice). I think this is a bug, but I don't know whether there is anyone working on it at the moment to fix it in Firefox 57 or 58.

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Hi jscher2000, thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately that workaround doesn't seem to work for me ...sigh.

Full screen working fine in IE.

Thanks again.

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Problem still persists ...sigh.