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Latest version of firefox crashes (firefox:10271): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_get_toplevel: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed

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The weird thing is, it starts if I'm running my working older version at the same time. However, both copies show the version as the older one. So now I don't know what it's doing

Here is how I run it: Under linux Download the latest version, unpack it go to the firefox directory ./firefox-bin

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You cannot run two instances of Firefox on the same Profile as to why it is just opening a new windows of the version currently running.

Also try to use the firefox script and not the firefox-bin so in terminal ./firefox

Also as of Firefox 46.0 and newer you need GTK 3.4 (three.four) or preferably newer (which is easy if using a current Linux distro that is not a LTS) in order for Firefox to run. As a result you also need GTK3 theme or Firefox will look unthemed.

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How do I get GTK 3.4?

I am running ubuntu 12.10

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Even the rather old Ubuntu 12.10 from Oct 2012 should have GTK 3.6.0 at minimum available in package manager.

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Synaptic thinks I have libgtk-3-0 version 3.6.0-0ubuntu3.3, I don't know if there's another way to tell.

Is 'that the gtk I should have?