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Firefox crashes on exit

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Firefox randomly brings up Crash Report after exit of browser. FireFox 37 onwards, Windows 8.1, Norton Internet Security. No specific web page, seems to go in phases

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If you have submitted crash reports then please post the IDs of one or more recent crash reports that have a "bp-" prefix:

  • bp-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

You can find the Report ID of recent crash reports on the "Help > Troubleshooting Information" page (about:support).

  • Click the "All Crash Reports" button on this page to open the about:crashes page and see all crash reports.

If necessary then you can open about: pages via the location/address bar.


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cor-el Crashes as listed starting 2nd May 2015 bp-d9f02037-226a-430d-86d7-e78a82150607 bp-c8926dce-1bed-4b63-a277-e9f2c2150606 bp-ae1c03cd-7161-4290-9fa7-8e3f92150531 bp-ba2af03e-c63b-4e31-9066-470fa2150530 bp-5406d810-d61b-4b18-8c2e-460b42150528 bp-d3bdd026-6eaa-41b9-81b7-299ff2150514 bp-e02e69da-fa12-4212-85d9-682212150509 bp-1995ea19-2d5f-4ffd-a874-78bc32150509 bp-2e33bacc-1786-4f35-b6a5-9d6112150508 bp-85074a7c-9e5c-454a-a421-fba722150508 bp-c0da81b9-ff61-436f-ab57-b86262150508 bp-48618b12-501c-429c-901e-16fb92150508 bp-45207245-d746-4a07-8e1a-317d02150507 bp-a0a3e964-97f4-4209-80ad-6db232150506 bp-10b50e6f-57ab-4c79-8cb8-509292150506 bp-c95ffdc8-b280-4175-bb9f-f34412150502

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You can use Norton Live update to check for updates of your Norton software. Keep updating until no more updates are found.

Try to disable Norton extensions/toolbars in Firefox.

Use "Firefox > Exit" (Windows: Firefox/File > Exit; Mac: Firefox > Quit Firefox; Linux: Firefox/File > Quit) to close Firefox if you are currently doing that by clicking the close X on the Firefox title bar.

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Cor-el, Thanks, require Norton Toolbar but have been using File/Exit which does virtually alleviate the problem with only the very rare crash on exit. Problem not consistent, seems some days may be a problem, then may go weeks error free.

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See also:

  • bug 1153824 - Since upgrading to ver 37.0.1 all PC running different versions of windows o/s crashing everyday. With Norton Internet Security

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