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how can I tell how much I'm zoomed in/out on a page?

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so i ctrl -/+ 2/3/4 times starting from 100% how do i know how much i am zoomed in/out?

How much zoom level will it increase/decrease when i ctrl -/+? Is it by 5 levels? 3 levels?

or how do i know if im already on zoom level 60%? 70%?

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You are using an old Firefox version that doesn't show the zoom level. Current releases have zoom buttons that include a reset button that shows the current zoom level.

You can use an extension to set a default font size and page zoom on web pages.

Note that you can inspect and modify the available zoom values via the toolkit.zoomManager.zoomValues pref on the about:config page. You can open the about:config page via the location/address bar. You can accept the warning and click "I'll be careful" to continue.

Any reason why you aren't using the current release?

You can find the full version of the current Firefox 34.0 release in all languages and for all Operating Systems here:

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Thank you so much for this. well, no offense but i really find older versions of FF better as i find it fit for how i use it :P

can we modify the defaults from the about:config by webpage?

say, i want to set 90% zoom level on mozilla.org and 80% zoom level on fb.com and 75% on all other websites.

is this even possible?

when i checked on the page, i think it only shows the default, and nothing on custom. is this the case?

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Firefox should save the 'set' zoom level per domain, as long as you don't clear your browsing history, but I'm not sure if that old Firefox 16.0 version had that feature working properly or not. That is after all, a two year old version, 18 versions behind 'the curve'.

I suggest that you update to the latest Firefox 34 version, or look into one of these extensions. No Squint extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2592/ or Default FullZoom Level extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6965 And if you are sticking with Firefox 16, you may need an older version of either of those extensions - see Version Information at the bottom of those pages to gain access to a version appropriate for that old version of Firefox.