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Webgl enabled by default

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Hi, I have read a similar article which has confused me as to whether WebGL is enabled or not.

Is WebGL enabled within Mozilla by default? If it is not then is there a way of turning it on?

Also, what sort of timeframe is it likely to be before WebGL has the "webgl.force-enabled" as true?? it is the enabling of this feature which enables WebGL for me.

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Hi sparksy01 , To enable WebGL for Firefox I'm advised to: 1.Type "about:config" in the address bar 2.Type "webgl" in the filter bar 3.Enable "webgl.forceenabled" 4.Make sure "webgl.disabled" is disabled ...!

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Hi Akhil,

Thanks for your reply.

Is there a way of changing this on all desktop / laptop devices?

Do we know when the settings forceenabled and disabled will be set to enabled and diabled by default?

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Hi sparksy01 ,

WebGL has been enabled on all platforms that have a capable graphics card with updated drivers since version 4.0.And Nowadays Firefox also uses ANGLE on Windows. So you should check all the settings in your web browser!

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You can also check graphics section on the troubleshooting information page.