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download helper no longer works - icon is there but it does not recognise flv video on any site - not a PC guru so easy help needed !!!!

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I have only just started to use Firefox as I got very tired of IE. I watch a lot of flash/flv videos on many different sites and sometimes like to download some of these (which I could do on IE but couldn't here). I downloaded the add on "download helper" which was great and worked really well and easily but all of a sudden it now no longer works (the icon is still there but it won't recognise any type of video form any site at all - and I have no idea at all how to repair/fix it. I am not a PC expert or guru so any kind of easy step by step help will be greatly appreciated (I don't want to have to go back to the horrible IE please!!!!!)

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Does it work in the latest Release version - Firefox 31? Firefox 32 is currently a Beta version; not all add-ons are compatible with pre-release Beta versions of Firefox.