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How can I get Firefox 4 to display the URL of active tabs in the location bar so I can see and copy it?

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The only URL that I ever see in the location bar is the last one I typed there. No matter which tab I activate, the last typed URL is displayed. When I need to copy the URL of an active tab to paste into an email or something I can't see it.

The location bar used to display the URL of each active tab and you could simply click in the address field and the URL would be highlighted so you could edit/copy it or jump to the end of a very long URL to see the final file name.

I can't get this feature to work and I really need this feature as I need to copy URL's quite often. When I have multiple tabs active I sometimes forget which one is for which domain and need to see the URL. It is very annoying to surf blind.

Please help me with this issue as quickly as possible so I can once again do my work easily and with the firefox browser instead of chrome. :(

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A couple of possible causes.

The first is the file that stores details of browsing history and bookmarks is corrupt. For details on how to fix that see

Another possible cause is an add-on interfering with the location bar. To test this, use the procedure in this link -

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Thanks TonyE. It appears that the culprit was a theme I was using. Went back to the default and it works like a charm. Now I can get back to business as usual.