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How do I make settings permanent?

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I close Firefox when I am not using the internet. I want to be able to set my privacy settings, specifically the "Ask to save logins and passwords for websites" option, once and have that setting SAVED forever. I am tired of having to go through the process of clicking through and having to select that option EACH AND EVERY TIME I OPEN FIREFOX. I want to select that option and have it remain selected PERMANENTLY. How do I make that happen??

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What's your computer system and Firefox version?

Note: Some software, like Advanced SystemCare with Surfing Protection, can protect files in the Firefox profile folder against changes. If you have such software then check the settings or uninstall this software.

Macs: Make sure you install Firefox properly and that you do not run Firefox from within the DMG (Disk Images) file.

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Sorry. Windows 10 Pro 1909 and Firefox 85.0. I don't have Advanced SystemCare with Surfing Protection. The only antivirus I have running is TrendMicro Maximum Security Version 17.0.1222. Thanks.

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Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link}

A small dialog should appear. Click Start In Safe Mode (not Refresh).

Change a few things. After a bit, close the browser. Wait a bit, then start Firefox in Safe Mode again. Is the problem still there?