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If I open more than one tab and then sign out of a password protected site in one tab, it will log me back in if both tabs are not closed and I return to the site. How do I change this?

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If I open a firefox browser and then I were to open another tab (e-mail for example) which is a password protected website, and then I sign out of my e-mail in the tab and close that tab, I can still access my e-mail without having to re-enter a password by going back to the e-mail website from the brower that is still open.

ex. If I open google and am looking at something so I open another tab to go to hotmail. I then sign out of my hotmail and go back to the google site. If I then go to hotmail from the google site, even though I have signed out it will take me back into my e-mail unless I have closed all tabs upon signing out.

Is there a way to make it so that if you sign out in one tab it completely signs you out?