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New to firefox, having some issues

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Hi there! I started using firefox today and I've run into some issues, so I think I'll hopefully get my answers over here. My first issue was that firefox can't save my info for sites like youtube. What do I mean by this? Well I live in country [x] and I wanted to change my location on youtube from country [x] to united states (in order to get better recommendations), however, everytime I quit the youtube tab and opened a new one, my location would be set to my original location (meaning that the location change would last only when I change it and stay on the tab, not when I open a new one). My 'delete cookies' option is also disabled from settings and firefox shield is disabled for youtube. Also firefox keeps on messing and breaking up sites, and the weird thing is that shield isn't even enabled for those sites. By breaking I mean that the site doesn't fully function, and fonts and other things are also broken, and all of this is happening without the work of firefox shield, OR any other extensions I have. I'm on desktop with the latest version of firefox.

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