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Manual Proxy Configuration results in time-outs

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After the upgrade to version 79.0, my manual proxy settings do not seem to work anymore. When active, these results in time-out errors and message that no connection with network could be established. Noticed though that password box does not seem to come up anymore and hence, believe that this may be causing my main problems. Your help would be appreciated.

Manual proxy settings are used for VPN connection. The connection worked prior to upgrading to version 79. Did clear all obvious items, including deletion of cache and browser history, adjustment of manual proxy setting to different VPN server and a refresh of Firefox. Also verified with VPN provider who confirmed that server is up and running and has remained unchanged.

I tend to believe that this problem is more or less related to version 79. Whilst I deleted all password entries for this VPN server within Firefox, I noticed that I do not see any password box coming up upon adjustment of my vpn server in manual proxy setting.

Can anybody shine his/her light on this and help me out? Many thanks in anticipation.