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"Preview in Firefox" for pdf web pages but not for file links ?

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I like the preview pdf in Firefox feature but I seem to be having a bit of a problem with it. In options>applications I have the pdf entry set to preview in Firefox and when I click a link to pdf webpages they load in Firefox just fine. The problem seems to be with download links to pdf files. When I click a link to a pdf file the only options are to save the file, open with my pdf viewer (Foxit Reader) or other. Preview with Firefox is not an option any more. I've been trying everything to get that option back. I know I have seen it there before but I've no idea how it disappeared.

Any suggestions?

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hello, you could try the following in order to reset the filetype associations: go to firefox > help > troubleshooting information and click on profile folder/show folder & close all firefox windows afterwards. a windows explorer window should open up - in there delete the file named mimeTypes.rdf. it will be regenerated the next time you launch the browser again.

View PDF files in Firefox or choose another viewer

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You can check the pdfjs.disabled pref on the about:config page and make sure that is set to false to enable the build-in PDF viewer.

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Thanks for replying. I have tried that and everything else on the page you linked to including reinstalling earlier today but to no avail.

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"pdfjs.disabled" was already set to false. I found that advice somewhere on the web earlier too. Thanks anyway.

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The build-in PDF Viewer only works for files that are send as application/pdf and not for other MIME types.
So it won't work for links that open a download dialog and you would need an extension to open such a file as application/pdf.

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Thanks cor-el, The open-in-browser extension gives me the function I was looking for. A tip for anyone else who wants this function: After installation I had to create a new preference in "about:config" called "extensions.openinbrowser.additional_mimes" and give it the value "application/pdf". I'm still a little mystified though because I could swear I had seen "Preview in Firefox" in the usual file download dialogue for pdf files. Early onset senility perhaps or maybe deja vu of that function being built into Firefox without the need for a plugin in a future version. Who knows? Anyway. Thanks again.